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Calculate the time required to heat 20 kg of water from 100C to 350C using an immersion heater rated 1000 W. Assume that 80% of the power input is used to heat the water. Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 J/Kg - k

Let us consider the required time is t.
power of the immersion heater is 1000W, 80% power is used only so used power = 1000*80/100 = 800W.
work done by the immersion heater due to this power is W = P*t = 800t
this is the form of electrical energy this energy will be used to heat the water so
Heat give by the Heater = Heater taken by the water
800t = ms(T2 -T1)
800t = 20*4200*[(273+35) - (273+10)] we have added 273 because we will take temp. in kelvin
800t = 20*4200*25
by solving this
t = 2625 sec.


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