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Which metro city has become India's first WiFi enabled city ?

A: Kolkata
B: New Delhi
C: Mumbai
D: None of these.
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Kolkata has become India's first WiFi enabled city .
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KEERTHI MANOHAR answers with (A)
AJIT KUMAR answers with (B)
KULDEEP RAWAT answers with (A)
LATHA RANI answers with (A)
BOGA NAGESH answers with (A)
AKRAM ROMIJ AHMED answers with (C)
NARAYANAN C A MALLAN answers with (A)
SAMRAT SOMU answers with (A)
RAJAT DHIMAN answers with (A)
NARAYANAN MALLAN answers with (A)
JAGAN NATHAN answers with (A)
SHOURABH SHUKLA answers with (B)
ABHIMANYU YADAV answers with (A)
HARSH KUMR answers with (B)
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