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The largest silver producer in the world is?

A: Mexico
B: China
C: Peru
D: Australia
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1-Mexico 162.2
2-China 117.0
3-Peru 111.3
4-Australia 56.9
5-Russia 45.0
6-Poland 41.2
7-Bolivia 39.7
8-Chile 37.0
9-United States 32.6
10-Argentina 24.1
11-Canada 21.3
12-Kazakhstan 17.5
13-India 12.7
14-Sweden 9.8
15-Turkey 7.6
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SIDHANTA SAMAL answers with (A)
PRAVEEN MUTYALA answers with (A)
BOGA NAGESH answers with (A)
SAI KIRAN PARNANDI answers with (A)
SHER SINGH answers with (B)
MADDIE JONGBE answers with (A)
AMBUJ SHARMA answers with (A)
KARAN MANKATALA answers with (A)
HAARIKA REDDY answers with (A)
NITHYA VELU answers with (A)
SUNDAR PANDIAN answers with (A)
RAJEEV BHARDWAJ answers with (A)
NITIKA ANAND answers with (A)
RAUSHAN SINGH answers with (A)
PRAKASH KUMAR answers with (A)
SUNNY KUSHWAHA answers with (C)
LOKESH KATARIA answers with (C)
RAJ SHARMA answers with (A)
HARISH SHARMA answers with (A)
SHRIDHAR RATHOD answers with (C)
ABHISHEK SINGH answers with (A)
GANIT KUMAR answers with (A)
SYED SABBIR answers with (A)
GAURAV SINHA answers with (D)
ARVIND YADAV answers with (A)
SURAJ DAS answers with (B)
KANNA JAY answers with (C)
RITIKA GUPTA answers with (D)
AKSHAY LAVHALE answers with (A)
UPENDER MANDULA answers with (C)
SHAILENDRA YADAV answers with (A)
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